Lanka Bell

Lanka Bell was the first to introduce CDMA phones to Sri Lanka. Though the market potential was great the sales of phones did not take off as well as anticipated. In fact after three months they had not sold even 10% of their targeted volumes. Suntel which followed Lanka Bell a couple of months later was doing muchbetter in sales. This was when they realized that they had a communication problem and came to Sarva.

We did a little exploration and figured out that the market did not know about Lanka Bell and what the new CDMA technology had to offer. Even though over Rs. 40 Million had been spent on advertising. This supported what the client told us. Which was that people in out of Colombo areas thought of Lanka Bell as a manufacturer of door bells.

With the launch of ‘Kurukuruless’ our first set of (many) commercials for Lanka Bell all this changed.

Today Lanka Bell is the second largest fixed line operator in the market with over a million active happy customers. Within the first year of our campaign for Lanka Bell breaking we managed to bring in 200,000 additional connections bringing an additional revenue of Rs.2 billion to the company.

What is also unique is Lanka Bell enjoys double the effective cut through in advertising amongst both mobile and fixed line telecom operators in Sri Lanka, which makes their budget twice as effective.